Energising Essential Oil Soy Wax Candle


Introducing our exquisite Energising Essential Oil Soy Wax Candle, meticulously crafted to elevate your home’s ambiance and style while prioritizing your health and wellbeing. Hand-poured and formulated with only the purest essential oils and harnessing the power of soy, a renewable resource derived from soybean oil, our soy wax candles promote sustainability without compromising on quality or performance. They contain no harmful toxins or carcinogens, making it safe for you and the whole family including pets! Indulge in the warm glow of our PETA approved cruelty-free and Vegan friendly candles, meticulously crafted to align with your ethical values. Our carefully curated blend of soy wax and pure essential oils ensures a clean burn, free from unsightly black smoke, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that envelops your senses in tranquility and luxury.

180g with a burning time of up to 40 hours.

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Weight 450 g


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